Recruitment Agencies

Connecting Recruiters prides itself on partnering with agencies that align with their values, where there is a shared vision. We pride ourselves on making the partnership a journey that is authentic and seamless. Longstanding & continued relationships with our clients is something we take seriously.

Sourcing experienced Recruiters requires strategic sourcing, innovative IT & Tech, market mapping, networking, referrals and building on very strong relationships over time. Candidate engagement and innovative strategic sourcing strategies is a large part of our role and something we do very well. Recruiting recruiters is a tough job, but we love it!

Our interview style is consultative and engaging. We extract evidence around success, billings, challenges, motivators, desk suitability and career goals. We love to gain valuable insight into the recruitment consultants sector, client base, business development and sourcing strategies so that we can plan where the most suitable options in the market are for them. We identify candidate strengths, and we will also identify areas that need to be worked on. We understand that the pressure and success of growing your business is directly linked to the volume and the quality of your consultants. We thrive on building teams, and we love repeat business.