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The last five years have been extremely unpredictable in the recruitment industry. From record highs to exceptional strides forward in technology, the industry is in flex and it is increasingly important to have a proficient team who are aligned culturally as well as in their day to day work.

Being able to recruit in candidate short markets as well as communicating and advising clients is now core to a successful recruitment career. Recruiters need to manage constantly changing priorities whilst also being able to use tech to work smarter!

I work with recruitment specialists from the beginning to the end of their careers; from graduate to Director or even Founder, even if that means supporting you or a team member moving to Australia. By partnering with Connected Recruiters, you are harnessing the value of a recruitment network and reputation built over 20+ years.

At the first meeting, I will gather a full understanding of what’s next for your career or team, including continued growth, cultural expectations and of course salary and remuneration packages to advise you on the best steps for you. My commitment is honesty, I will clearly communicate where I see partnerships that will enable you to thrive as well as ones which I do now believe will match your expectations.

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